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Doula Trainings


Community, Support and Scholarship Opportunities for Aspiring Doulas of Color

Join our doula of color trainings, specifically designed to uplift the leadership of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Learn how to provide comprehensive support through all pregnancy and postpartum outcomes, so you can thrive as a doula. Scholarships and sliding scale tuition available for those in need.

Our Trainings Are Made for You and The Communities You Serve

Training Programs

Community Support

Resources and Tools

Our trainings are rooted in cultural relevance, aiming to improve the health outcomes for birthing individuals and their families. Gain valuable insights, learn new techniques, and expand your impact in activism.

By joining our collective, you'll have access to a supportive network of birthworkers of color. Exchange wisdom, get guidance, and unite with like-minded professionals. Together, we're not just doulas; we're change makers.

As a member of our collective, you'll have access to a wealth of resources and tools. From educational materials to mentorships, we equip you with a solid foundation to thrive in your role as a birthworker of color.

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From Beginner to Advanced Doula Trainings: We've Got You Covered

Trainings are facilitated in English, with translation services available upon request.

Course Catalog

"This training was an incredible opportunity and a great learning experience.  I feel much more confident and prepared on my journey as a birthworker"

Doula Training

Donate to Our Tuition Fund

Your donation supports our doula trainings by providing scholarships and sliding scale rates for those in need, ensuring accessibility while honoring the labor of the presenters and organizers of Color. We, along with our scholarship recipients are humbled and appreciative of your support.

 Thank you!

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