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Community Is Our Foundation

Community support is important and the foundation to our work at Birthworkers of Color Collective. Help us to be able to continue to provide sliding scale doula services, tuition scholarships and sliding scale options for our doula trainings and workshops, and to continue to advocate for birthworkers, for pregnant and birthing people of Color, and our communities.

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Your Donations Make Our Work Possible


Thank you for your donation!


More Ways To Help


Partner With Us

If you would like to partner with our collective as a collaboration, to speak at your event, sponsorship, etc please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are excited about the potential of working together!


Donate to our Doula training tuition scholarship fund

Our doula trainings get dozens of requests for scholarships or sliding scale rates, your donation will help to make this training accessible to those who can not afford it financially while also continuing to honor the labor of the presenters and organizers of Color. We are humbled and appreciative of your support as are our scholarship recipients! Thank You.


Make A Donation

Want to support our work? Make a Donation and take advantage of this incredible opportunity to lend your support. You can make a one time donation or become a donor. All donations are 100% tax deductible.


Help Us Raise 100k
to open our 1st Brick & Mortar!

Why is this brick and mortar important & what will it be used for?
-Long Beach is a large city, with incredibly diverse and distinct communities. Our communities deserves to have their own dedicated space for birthwork that represents and uplifts who they are and where they come from. 
-Dedicated location for pregnant people and their families to gather, learn, and be in community.
-birthworkers of Color to learn, support their clients, and grow their businesses and financial sustainability.
-function as a space to share knowledge, promote advocacy, build resources and expand the number of culturally relevant doulas of Color. 
-help to host hybrid & in person trainings & offerings
-host events, workshops and community gatherings
-hold community-wide healing and health markets
-represent the growth and expansion that BWOCC has had over the years and is a natural next (big) step for us to finally have our own space!

-& so much more, the possibilities are truly endless!!!

We thank you for your continued support and investment in our collective.

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Thank You!
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