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California Abortion Support 

Are you looking for support to access an abortion?

Did you recently have an abortion?

Need support processing your abortion experience?

Do you have a client who needs abortion support?

Birthworkers of Color Collective is now offering Abortion Doula Support to California Residents at no cost to you. 

Virtual and In-Person Options Available

What is an Abortion Doula?


When people think of Doulas, they often think about someone supporting you during labor and childbirth. Birthworkers of Color Collective Doulas are trained as Full Spectrum Doulas to support people through all pregnancy outcomes including miscarriage, loss, and abortion. 


Abortion Doulas offer non-medical support to people seeking abortion healthcare. They can support you by providing education, emotional, practical, and advocacy support before, during, and after abortion procedures. 

Abortion Doula care can look like

  • Education and Advocacy about your care options

  • Personalized Abortion Care Planning

  • Sitting with you during surgical and self-managed abortions

  • Active Listening and Holding Space

  • Meal planning and prepping

  • Herbal and plant medicine support

  • Meditation and Mindfulness Tools

  • Emotional and Physical Comfort Measures

Who is Eligible?

Must live or work in California

Not from California? Please reach out we have other programs available to support you

Have Questions? 

Email us at for more information

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