The aims of this collective of birth workers is to reclaim our medicine, share our knowledge with our community, and heal. Together, we are bringing unique skills, resources, and experiences to our work as birth workers, healers, and people of color. We provide sliding scale full spectrum doula services. After our initial consultation, we make our best efforts to match you with someone who fits your unique needs and identities. We provide inclusive support to our communities of color.

What is a doula?

As doulas we provide compassionate and non judgemental support. We provide physical, emotional, and educational support for any and all pregnancy outcomes from abortion, loss, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. All of the members of our collective come with their own ancestral blood memory and knowledge, calling on and utilizing to help support you.

Benefits of having a doula

- Reduced medical intervention
- Shorter labor lengths
- Lower necessity for pain medications
- Additional physical and emotional support

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