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Rooted in community, activism, & centering BIPOC. 

What we do

Doula Of Color
Trainings & Birthwork Collective

Birthworkers of Color Collective supports marginalized communities by providing full spectrum doula services that are accessible and inclusive. We connect pregnant/birthing/& postpartum individuals, their families, and larger communities with educational, emotional, and physical support through all pregnancy & postpartum outcomes. We conduct workshops and trainings to share knowledge, promote advocacy, build resources & expand the number of trained/competent/& culturally relevant doulas. As a collective we strive to bring our diverse skills, ancestral practices, and unique experiences to the people and communities that we support.



Culturally Relevant Training

We specialize in doula training that creates a safe and inclusive space for people of Color, and is grounded in culture relevance and competence. This foundation ensures we improve health outcomes for birthing people, infants, and entire communities. 


Advocacy & Inclusive Support

Our work extends beyond doula services to actively address and advocate for Black birthing people and all marginalized communities - including undocumented individuals, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, non-English speakers, and teen parents  - so they receive equitable access to prenatal care, resources, and positive birthing and postpartum experiences.



Community Centered 

As a collective we are deeply rooted in the communities we serve, focusing on solution-oriented support that addresses the specific health disparities of communities of Color.


Climate-Centered Care

We combine reproductive health expertise with climate awarness and rapid response capabilities, equipping individuals with the tools and resources they need to provide care that is adaptive, holistic, and responsive to environmental challenges.


Doula Support

What Is A Doula?

As doulas we provide compassionate and non judgemental support. We provide physical, emotional, and educational support for any and all pregnancy outcomes from abortion, loss, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. All of the members of our collective come with their own ancestral blood memory and knowledge, calling on and utilizing to help support you.

We provide inclusive support
to our communities.

The aims of this collective of birth workers is to reclaim our medicine, share our knowledge with our community, and heal. Together, we are bringing unique skills, resources, and experiences to our work as birth workers, healers, and people of Color. We provide sliding scale full spectrum doula services. After our initial consultation, we make our best efforts to match you with someone who fits your unique needs and identities.

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Potential benefits of doula support

  • Reduced medical intervention

  • Shorter labor lengths

  • Lower necessity for pain medications-

  • Additional physical and emotional support

  • & more

Looking for doula support?

Please reach out to us!

After asking some questions to help us narrow down what type of services you are looking for,

we will make our best efforts to match you with a doula that fits your unique needs and identities.



Full Spectrum Doula Trainings For New & Experienced Doulas of Color!


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