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About Birthworkers of Color

Birthworkers of Color Collective


Aims to decrease reproductive health disparities for marginalized birthing people.


We are a national non-profit 501(c)(3) that supports marginalized communities by providing full spectrum doula services that are accessible and inclusive. We connect birthing people with educational, emotional, and physical support through all pregnancy outcomes. We conduct workshops and trainings to share knowledge, promote advocacy, and build resources. As a collective we strive to bring our diverse skills, ancestral practices, and unique experiences to the people and communities that we support. 


We recognize the disproportionate perinatal health disparities amongst people of Color and especially mortality rates among Black birthing people and infants due to systemic racism and other societal ills. As a call to action we are committed to advocacy, affirmed in building a community of resources, and providing relevant support to pregnant/birthing/and postpartum people of Color. We recognize the biases and harm that the western medical industrial complex has historically and contemporary perpetuated onto BIPOC bodies and know that doulas alone are not the answer to systematic injustices, racism, poverty, etc but we are committed to work towards creating the world and realities that we envision, together, now and in the future.


Why Us?

We understand the difficulties, barriers, and systematic issues faced by birthing people in the most marginalized communities and we believe that building an extensive network of competent/skilled/and culturally relevant doulas and making resources and services more accessible while advocating, reconnecting, and reclaiming traditional connections, community, and moving towards more collective ways of seeing health can begin to make strides to be a part of creating a more just care for our communities. 

2023 Impact Report
2023 BWOCC Impact Report.png
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