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A Year After Medi-Cal Allowed Doula Services, Uptick is Slow

Nearly a year after the benefit began, it’s clear that without more doulas enrolled in the program, not every family will get the care they are entitled to receive.

By  Mariana Dale and Elly Yu

What Do Doulas Do — And How Can I Find One In LA?

You're having a baby, and we are here to help, journalistically speaking.

By  Mariana Dale


With inequalities faced by pregnant black women in white-dominated hospital settings, Long Beach based Birth Workers of Color Collective provide support and advocacy for POC

Braiding Birthwork, Racial Justice, and Smart Technology

The resulting project centered community birthworkers from the Birthworkers of Color Collective in imagining how smart technology could assist with birth outcome data collection and dissemination. Alexandrina Agloro and Stevie Merino will share lessons learned from the community research collaboration and how these findings can be applied toward policy and the future of accessible reproductive care.


Ceremonies: Pregnancy, Birthwork, and Life Opening Reception

This exhibit captures the ways that pregnancy, birthwork, and life: including the acts of parenting, activism, spiritual practices, and existing in our bodies are ceremonies in themselves.

Create Your Birth Care Team

Before you have your baby, you’ll want to create your birth care team. These are the people who will help support you while you’re in labor and having your baby.

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