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Emerita Bustos

Board Member

In her work as a Career Technical Educator, Emerita Bustos primarily teaches business and technology foundations to students. Known for her accessibility and ability to empower her students, the California native graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree and teaching credential in Career Technical Education (CTE). With over 18 years in education, she has returned to school to earn her degree in Ethnic Studies with a concentration in Gender and Sexualities in Communities of Color at CSU East Bay in order to prepare for the growing demand for ethnic studies educators in California. Presently, Ms.Bustos serves as the Department chair representing her colleagues in the CTE department during meetings of the Instructional Leadership Team. Additionally, she chairs the School Site Council, which oversees

the allocation and spending of Title I funds. As part of her community work, Emerita is a full spectrum doula and community herbalist. Emerita considers herself to have always been an herbalist. As far back as she can remember, medicinal herbs have always been an important part of her life. Her work with herbs comes naturally to her which she now recognizes that this is a part of the Indigenous practices of her

people. In her view, herbalism is a spiritual practice that connects her to the earth, the creator, and her ancestors. When it comes to her doula practice, she was inspired after attending a health education teacher conference that discussed the birth disparities that exist in Black communities. In 2018, Emerita completed her doula training with Birthworkers of Color. Since then, she has been an active member of Birthworkers of Color Collective, participating in workshops, training, and in fundraising efforts. In addition, she has served as a birth doula and postpartum doula to women of color in her area. Some of her dreams and goals are to assist with educating the next generation of birthworkers, and to create spaces where young people of

color, as well as LGBTQ+ folks, can be advocates and leaders of the future.


Emerita Bustos
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