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What our community has said about us: 


Gracias to the hermanxs @mama_maiz and @solandrootsdoula for putting together all this bad assery. For unfiltering everything. For a training that finally speaks of subjects that are unheard of in all if not most trainings.. such as racism, disparities, loss, death and abortion. For the ceremonies. For the love. For something just for us POC. For making us feel safe. For your energy. For your medicine. Y'all had me not wanting to come home. Mi corazoncito is way full. I love you and saying goodbye was hard but I know we'll all see each other soon. 💓 Let's talk about how none of this would've been possible with out the hermanxs Bianka and Sabreen at @sunnysideupyup ❤❤❤ Thank you for your space and making us feel safe and at home. You all are incredible and I am so grateful. 🙏 May we connect again soon.

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When healing yourself, you realize you also have the power to heal others, so why not start at the gate? This past weekend at my first #Doulaofcolortraining was nothing short of amazing! We learned about postpartum care, abortion companionship, birth disparities, historical trauma, racism and how it affects childbirth, reclaiming ancestral traditions, and soooo much more! 
Thank you to all of the speakers that came to share their wisdom with us. Thank you to @sunnysideupyup for allowing us to share your beautiful space, and a HUGE thank you to @mama_maiz & @solandrootsdoula for loving on us the way you do! Sending love to all the beauties I got to spend time with this weekend! Trust the power of synchronicity! 🤗❤️


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