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Regina Johnson



California/Southern/ Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire



My name is Regina. I am a wife, Girl Mom, event planner and Black Lesbian Birthworker. I am a fully trained Abortion Doula, Certified Vaginal Steam facilitator, and certified crystal healer.

As an abortion doula, I am dedicated to providing compassionate support and guidance to individuals navigating their abortion journey. I offer non-judgmental emotional support, advocacy, and practical assistance before, during, and after the abortion procedure. My mission is to ensure that every person feels empowered, respected, and supported in their decision, whatever it may be. Let’s walk this path together with understanding and care.

Populations Served

Youth, LGBTQIA+, People with Chronic Disease, Religious/Spiritual Communities, Survivors of Violence/Trauma, Individuals with eating disorder(s) or related symptoms, Substance Use/People in Recovery

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