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London Mckoy


NY/ some NJ



I'm London, a compassionate and dedicated full spectrum doula, artist, and advocate committed to supporting you through the vast spectrum of reproductive experiences. My journey into doula work has been uniquely shaped by my diverse background.

As a vocal artist, I've found strength in the power of expression. Your journey, whether it be joyous, challenging, or transformative, deserves to be heard and celebrated. I bring the same passion for storytelling and empowerment to my role as a doula, ensuring that your unique narrative takes center stage.

My experience as a nanny has deepened my understanding of the profound and nuanced journey of parenthood. I've witnessed the beauty in every stage, from the tender moments to the transformative challenges. This firsthand experience fuels my commitment to providing comprehensive support that embraces the full spectrum of reproductive experiences.

I am dedicated to reproductive justice. I believe in dismantling barriers and advocating for inclusive, equitable, and empowering birthing experiences for all. Your journey is a celebration of life, and I'm here to ensure it's met with respect, compassion, and sensitivity.

Populations Served

Youth, LGBTQIA+, People with Chronic Disease, Religious/Spiritual Communities, Survivors of Violence/Trauma, Individuals with eating disorder(s) or related symptoms, Substance Use/People in Recovery

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