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Brittany Lewis

Board Member

I am a Black, cisgender woman, and mom to a beautiful, Black 2.5 year old little girl. I am originally from Prince George's County, MD but I have been in West Philly for 8 years. My interest in the Black Maternal Health field started with the birth of my daughter in February 2020. I was privileged to have a home birth with 2 midwives and a doula. I was unsure I would have a positive birthing experience at a hospital. After learning more about the Black maternal and infant mortality rate, I wanted to work to combat these numbers. Currently, I work part-time as a Perinatal Peer Support Worker where I provide support to Black moms within their first 6 weeks postpartum. I work full time at the Center for the Study of Social Policy as a Program Analyst. I graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice. I completed my Master of Arts in Educational Studies in 2014 from Tufts University.

I believe doula work is essential and transformational. All birthing people of Color should have access to one to have a positive birthing experience. BWOCC's work to reduce the perinatal and infant health disparities of communities of Color and be solution oriented by providing culturally relevant and competent support, aligns with my passion and I'm excited to join their Board of Directors.


Brittany Lewis
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