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Melissa Guerra

Birth & Postpartum Doula Services






I am a doula by nature. Passionate about supporting the best possible birth experience and postpartum for birthing people. I believe it is a sacred part of life and treat it as such. I provide in person labor support, by means of whatever the client desires. Postpartum is also based on birthing person and their families needs. I can provide anything from light cleaning, cooking, spending time with baby while parents attend to personal care around the home. I also practice postpartum belly binding and herbal support to promote a optimal postpartum healing experience. I am also very close to being a Certified Lactation Educator. So I can support a parent if they choose to chest/breastfeed. 

Populations Served

Youth, LGBTQIA+, People with Chronic Disease, Religious/Spiritual Communities, Survivors of Violence/Trauma, Individuals with eating disorder(s) or related symptoms, Substance Use/People in Recovery

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