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Massage Therapy & Doula Services



Hello my name is Lexlia,I’ve been a Certified Massage Therapist since 2009. I graduated from UEI College with a certificate in Special Populations. I’ve been interested and passionate about bodywork basically my whole life. My decision to educate myself in holistic and alternative practices was kismet. But what I didn't understand, was just how profoundly, working with people who really needed my help would affect me. I believe in energetic transference, and that positivity and unconditional love are the core essentials to healing. I'm always eager and excited to hear feedback from all of my clients and to see progress from the work that we're doing together. Because healing through massage is a team effort, I will cater to you and I recommend you also cater to yourself. You can do this by remaining consistent with your at home self care. I specialize in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Clinical and Prenatal massage. I also love incorporating scalp and face massages to ensure deep relaxation no matter how stressful your day may have been! My ultimate goal and ultimate pride is to help you heal yourself. I look forward to meeting you and commencing this journey of self healing together!! Specialties: Pre and Post Natal, Neck & Shoulders, Scalp massage, TMJ, Reflexology, Doula Services.

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