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Delicia McGhee


Omaha, Nebraska



Practice Name: Holistic Healing 

Service: Postpartum, Full Spectrum, Abortion doula; Holistic Care, Teas, Education, Mental Health/Therapeutic Services,, CPR Certified 

About: Holistic Healing is a therapeutic service that is trauma-informed. Holistic Healing is now adding a holistic a full spectrum birthing and postpartum experience.  Our goal is to provide birthing folks with the resources, education, and reassurance they need for a healthy pregnancy and birth. Holistic Healing also provides therapy services for birthing folks who experience baby blues, postpartum depression, etc., or just need education regarding mental health before, during and after birthing a baby. We are here to help you and your family on your birthing journey.

Populations Served

Youth, LGBTQIA+, People with Chronic Disease, Religious/Spiritual Communities, Survivors of Violence/Trauma, Individuals with eating disorder(s) or related symptoms, Substance Use/People in Recovery

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