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Amaryah Wolf

Full Spectrum Doula Support & Lactation & Feeding Support




I'm is a full-spectrum doula and lactation education specialist, practicing since 2018. I view birthwork as holistic community care, and a window into the shift towards a greater reliance on community as we navigate pandemic(s) and climate crises. Our communities have been providing for each other for centuries by creating networks of care outside of harmful systems. I have received training and mentorship from various black and brown, and queer and trans birthworkers, and seek continual growth of these skills and offerings. As a core member of QTPOC Birthwerq Project, I've have developed and facilitated birthwork trainings for queer and trans people of color, with a focus on reproductive health support for intersex people and trans women. In my work, I really want to highlight and point out the erasure of trans women from the conversation around fertility, birthing and motherhood, and I do this through specifically offering fertility support services, as well as lactation services for those wishing to induce lactation. I'm always looking to build community in these areas, and I love working with qtbipoc people and families!

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