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Priscilla Hsu

Board Member

Priscilla Hsu (she/they) has been an active collective member since 2019 and is excited to join the BWOCC board. They also sit on the board of the Arroyo S.E.C.O. Network of Time Banks, a model where time is the dominant currency, instead of federal dollars. Along with birthwork, she is currently working on a community mental health survey with API-Equality LA, an AAPI LGBTQ+ rights organization. Their work history features fundraising and operations for nonprofits to startups to political campaigns. She has particular interest in decolonizing wealth, disappearing the East-West dichotomy, normalizing grief, and forever expanding their fluency in Mandarin, Spanish and American Sign Language. Priscilla is proudly Taiwanese and always down to talk about your pets and babies.


Priscilla Hsu
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